Sunday, January 31, 2010

rain, rain..

we came back after visiting the states for Christmas to the island of sunshine and warmth.. no, wait. RAIN.

and then some more rain. now, i love playing in the rain and get that it is so good for all the vegetation and such. it's peaceful. pretty.. BUT imagine everything smelling like mildew, riding on a moto with rain in your face, rivers rising so kids can't walk to school, laundry you can't hang outside..

needless to say, i am so thankful the sun has been back out! woo! after weeks of rain, we are much quicker to recognize how wonderful the sunnnn has been (remind me of this in a month when we wake up in sweat because of that same sun and heat.. :)

one rainy afternoon in chichigua..
look at all those gringas (and little bernito) in our rain gear

kendall and bernito

wrinkle toes.

new start

i have been debating in my head about this whole blog thing. YES, it has been a loooong time. do i put up some of the posts i was going to write about summer and fall? do i start with the new year? do i start now?

really, if i am going to start doing this thing again, i really just need to start. now. new start. there is so much that has gone on and i wouldn't know where to start if i tried to back track..

so.. hello.