Thursday, June 3, 2010


our neighbor gloria is, well, quite a character. i really don't even know where to start. a couple random/quirky things about gloria:
  • she will force you to eat even if you're not hungry.
  • she sits on her porch all the time.
  • she knows everything going on in the neighborhood.
  • she looooves telling stories.
  • she laughs at everything.
  • she treats our apartment like we are her daughters.
  • she plays dominoes every weekend with her ex husband.
  • she rocks the skinny jeans.
  • she has hilarious children who still visit her ALL the time.
  • she is sassy. quite sassy.
  • AND she plays bingo every week..
kendall, robin, rachel, and i agreed to play bingo with her one week with no idea what to expect. she is so funny.. we ended up at a woman's house in montellano and played bingo on the porch. we all had bingo cards we marked with rocks. well, there were a few women who brought their own fancy chips (time to get serious about bingo). gloria is hardcore and managed to play FOUR bingo cards at one time. yes- four.

it was a really funny night.. oooooh gloria and her crew. :)

gloria and kendall

me and robin (i just WON one and robin is being the caller)

b.i.n.g.o. time.

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