Sunday, June 20, 2010

abbi and dean

may. 22. 2010.


the ceremony was absolutely beautiful. abbi and dean got married at laguna gloria, part of the austin museum of art. it was perfect. classy. vintage. intimate. relaxed.

we got there in the afternoon after abbi had her hair and makeup done. we spent the afternoon walking around the grounds and the bridesmaids hung out with abbi upstairs. it was really relaxed and we were more ready than nervous. you can only "get ready" so long, so of course we had some photo shoots..
court, abbi, me

doesn't she look absolutely STUNNING? i mean seriously. first of all she is one of those gorgeous-in-sweats-with-no-make-up girls already, so put her in this vintage looking dress (one that i might be slightly obsessed with) and stick some flowers in her hand.. whoa.

abbi and her bridesmaids (jessica, carey, courtney, abbi, ashley, rachel, me, charis)

the ceremony was really small. their two immediate families and wedding party watched the ceremony down by the lake. it was sweet and very real.

after the ceremony we walked up the little hill to the reception where many more people were waiting. it was all outside and the weather was perfect. the stringed quartet was lovely and it was so fun to eat and laugh with abbi's family and friends that we have grown up with.

abbi, joe, lisa, evan

..and off they went to enjoy their honeymoon together. mr. and mrs. shirley.

i love you both so much and i am so happy for you.

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