Friday, June 11, 2010



yeah she did. i really do have great friends.. tay and i met the first day of our freshman year in high school and then we ended up both going to school at UT (hook 'em). there's a lot of history.. tennis tourneys, wrecks, birthdays, festivals, sonic trips, different jobs, goodbyes, new people, dorm adventures, concerts, conversations, ut athletics, texas lassos, all-nighters, surprises, tears, living together for 2 years, 2 brain surgeries... a lot.

LOVE you, tay. i'm glad we got to add the DR to our list..

hotness at la playa

tay gets the award for the splotchiest/most awkward sunburn

trying sugar cane- get it!

look at all that dominican food.. including sancocho de cerdo (soup w/ pig) and a block of fried cheese. she's way braver than i am..

fire-blowing, rum-spitting, crazy-dancing man during halftime at a basketball game in puerto plata. oh yes.

hangin' out with bernito and wilner in chichigua

thank you so much for coming, tay. i love me some ashlor time.. miss you.

i love YOU. a lot.

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