Thursday, June 17, 2010

may mini vacation

literally a few hours after we had our class graduation celebration, i was on a plane headed to los estados. my best friend ABBI was getting married and while i was in town i got to spend some time with the fam and some good friends.

in pictures, here is a little bit of what it looked like (minus wedding photos.. next entry, people. next entry)

kennedy turned ONE! oh my goodness i cannot believe it has already been a year! she was absolutely adorable in her tutu at her elmo themed party.. she has some pretty cool parents. :) auntie tinkle can't wait for more time with little kennedy!

lunch date with my sista (reeeeally good food. everyone needs to eat at mother's at least once). i was thankful to get some time with court planning the bachelorette party, going to the wedding, and hanging out a little. she rocks.

bananarchy date with becca! becca was the one who first introduced me to bananarchy (a wonderful frozen banana trailer.. pick your toppings right there and wah lah- frozen banana pop on a spoon!). our bananarchy hang out date was great! love me some becca time..

dinner at central market (yeah.. they let it be my choice :) with some of the REC crew. OH how i miss those days and these incredible people! we have some gooood stories..

dia de anna- kayaking and lunch! oh what i would give to spend every morning on a lake with anne.. our entire day date was FULL of conversation, laughs, exploration, scripture.. anne is one of those people that is just good for the soul. i am so thankful for any time we are able to spend together.

my time home was incredible and there are many more sweet people i was able to spend time with and good things i was able to do that i did not document with pictures.. chipotle with brett and kosh. shopping with mom. austin stone and whole foods with tay. worship, the boat, and dinner w/ the boons. nights with friends. back porch conversations in blankets. long runs on new trails. hanging out with the fam. . dallas road trip with mom. dallas with shannon. abbi's bachelorette party. abbi and dean's wedding.. (i know, i know. ashley, quit rambling)

the point?

it was awesome. loved the little break in los estados. so thankful for incredible people to spend it with.

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