Sunday, June 13, 2010


yes, it's true.. we made it through the year!

for a lot of my kids, this was our second year together. in two years it is incredible to think about how much they have grown.. physically, they are bigger and stretching out more and more. their minds continue to expand, they pick things up so quickly, and absorb SO much that we do. they have learned how to learn. their personalities keep getting more defined and growing. they are hilarious. it makes me almost cry to think about how we have formed a community in our classroom; they have the routines and rules down and know how to treat each other and our things (this was a process..). they understand that we are in school to learn, we treat people with respect, God calls us to love people, we are all friends despite racial differences... there is seriously just so much i could say about them.

i am beyond proud.

to be completely honest, it has been a really hard year. there have been many struggles, many fights, issues and hurt from home situtations entering the classroom, distractions, illness, tears.. not easy. BUT..

we made it.

despite all the challenges, we pushed through to learn about the Lord, how to read, how to add and subtract.. we learned how to fight through some of the mess and do it together. there are SO many moments of sweet hugs, dancing, successes, laughing and just joy to remember. oh i am so thankful for that.

so here it is. the end of the year. here's a glimpse at what graduation day looked like:

parents and siblings watching the ceremony

regina getting her certificate

my smart little crazies (class photo)

oh man i love them so much.

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